Truth in advertising?

I got some more junk mail this morning, and had to finally write something about what I’ve noticed a few times recently – i get a kick out of the sloppy photoshop work and wonder if companies expect consumers of average intelligence to swallow everything they feed us?

The COVER of CDW’s latest mailer:


Big deal right?

Let’s look a little closer:


Ok, little handy-held windows unit right?

wait a minute:


Yup.  That’s OSX’s Safari web browser – not the windows version, but unless someone was using “window blinds” to change the windows shell, we’re definitely looking at a macintosh “command+shift+4, space” screenshot photoshopped onto this unspecting model’s little screen.  Easy enough for the marketing department, but on a national mailer?  What if I wanted to purchase this fantastic little device that seemingly runs OSX?  Could I sue them for false advertising?  Probably not – but it does make me wonder just how far they can push the advertising envelope and cut corners just to get their stuff out the door… I guess “pretty” sells, that’s why they dont use phootos of turned-off computers in their glossy sales fodder.

Sure enough, the world hasn’t stopped since I wrote this post, just another observation of impossibility and how easily we’re hoodwinked by the photoshop elite.

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