New iPod Nano gets a little videooooo but no stills?

Ipod NanoOk, so the latest Apple Jaw-Dropper is the new nano that (dun-dun-dun!) shoots video – how coool is that?!?!

After I got a moment to breathe the other day, once I was able to resist the initial urge to drive straight to the apple store and throw my money at closest dude in a light blue t-shirt at the mall, I was able to do a little lookey-uppy on this cute little wonder.

No photo? What? I can shoot video but no photos? Is this thing even for real? I mean, I would have just been happy with the pedometer, and the FM addition is LONG overdue, apparently the wahoo who was smart enough to bring his ipod with him while he was tubin’ didn’t give a snot about taking a picture of his girlfriend in her heart shirt who wears a matching innertube/bracelet combo. No no no no… video is the FUTURE! I love apple – always pushing the boundaries of what we deem normal 😉

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