HP Mini 1000 – Update 1

Just received a replacement AC adapter this morning via FedEx Priority Overnight envelope… AT THE OFFICE!  Twice on the phone I told HP to send everything to my house because this is my personal computer.  How is communication this hard for a huge company?  I’m just guessing, but there must be hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted because of their inconsistent or un-followed practices and policies.   When the customer specifically requests that he needs to change the shipping address (twice on the same phone call, to the same person) And that person CONFIRMS the request… need I say more?

The speed of them getting this out since my friday phone call was great!  I guess there is at least one good thing I can note; alas, I can not test this adapter until I get home – that is where I left my Mini 1000 with the expectation everything would be shipped there.

HP MINI 1000 Netbook Power Adapter

One more notation: HP has some tight reins on their replacement pieces – I only received the half of the adapter I complained about (the brick and jack that plugs into the laptop) The AC wall plug end-to-adapter cord was left out.  Although this may seem like a silly point, HP may be now trying to weed out those who lie about their adapter being broken to get a second adapter for the “road, office, etc…” by only giving out half and adapter (thus requiring you to use the existing plug from your current adapter).  This is probably a “smart move” on their part, and they’re saving what, $.10 of plastic cord while dropping $15 in overnight shipping, all so I can feel like i got a somewhat cheesy, half-fix?  I’m not really complaining here, but come on… really?

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