Biostar TForce TF7050-M2 Review (part deux)

Made the decision to disable the HD audio to the HDMI port in the bios. I know, i hate workarounds too, but I wasted more than an hour looking for a solution, and i’ll never get that hour back. I could have been having fun playing “Phantom Hourglass” instead.

ZeldaSo, rather than waste more time talking about the motherboard with the flaw, I’m going to spend the rest of the time talking about how fun the “Phantom Hourglass” is. It is really fun. If you own 1 game for your Nintendo DS system, it definitely should be new super mario bros. If you can afford two, definitely pick up Zelda: The Pantom Hourglass… It has the same feel that made Zelda for the super nintendo so great – but since it uses a real 3d graphics engine and the stylus for all control, it’s way funner. It has sailing, so if you hated that in the Wind Waker, you’ll still hate it here… but at least the cannon is fun, and you can blast things to your heart’s contempt.

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