Crazy Sinus Pressure?

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Ok, so i’m about ready to blow my brains out just to see if I can relieve some of the sinus pressure i’ve had for the past few days.  Here are a few tips form a few websites I googled last night that have helped me deal a little better with it:

  1. Blow your nose a lot – this helps relieve the sinus pressure
  2. Drink a lot of water –  this keeps the mucus runny so you can blow your nose alot.
  3. Repeat

There are a lot of other good things these guys have to say about the subject, but just following this advice has helped me at least not think about the pain constantly.

Go Blogs!

Truth in advertising?

I got some more junk mail this morning, and had to finally write something about what I’ve noticed a few times recently – i get a kick out of the sloppy photoshop work and wonder if companies expect consumers of average intelligence to swallow everything they feed us?

The COVER of CDW’s latest mailer:


Big deal right?

Let’s look a little closer:


Ok, little handy-held windows unit right?

wait a minute:


Yup.  That’s OSX’s Safari web browser – not the windows version, but unless someone was using “window blinds” to change the windows shell, we’re definitely looking at a macintosh “command+shift+4, space” screenshot photoshopped onto this unspecting model’s little screen.  Easy enough for the marketing department, but on a national mailer?  What if I wanted to purchase this fantastic little device that seemingly runs OSX?  Could I sue them for false advertising?  Probably not – but it does make me wonder just how far they can push the advertising envelope and cut corners just to get their stuff out the door… I guess “pretty” sells, that’s why they dont use phootos of turned-off computers in their glossy sales fodder.

Sure enough, the world hasn’t stopped since I wrote this post, just another observation of impossibility and how easily we’re hoodwinked by the photoshop elite.