Treo 800w Sprint Initial Thoughts

Just recieved the new Palm Treo 800w from sprint today… It’s been hard to contain my excitement… Not that I havent been happy with my Treo 700p for some time – it has served me well…  It’s just… beat up and I’ve had the crave for something a little more techie.

Treo 800wGot the box, the phone feels like a really nice weight, better ballance overall than the 700p, which kind of feels like a happy meal toy.  Everything is plastic of course, so it’s not half as sexy as a new ipod, but following the design of the centro, this unit has no external antenna and a somewhat symmetrical layout.

I’ve had the 800w out of the box for a total of 15 minutes, already I have it connected to the office wifi and have begun downloading my IMAP office e-mail. Oh, and I updated my twitter with it already. Crazy. Eventually i’ll have to call sprint to activate my number, and connect it to my mac to get my contacts going, but until then, I have some work to do – but oh the goodness!  I can’t wait to install opera and try to do some basic administration on my websites.