Setting up the Treo 700p to sync from Leopard (osX 10.5)

Having trouble syncing your smartphone with your mac?  I did, and decided to post a short writeup to expand the wealth of knowledge on the internet.  This method worked fine for me with my Treo 700p and MacBook Pro intel 2.4 – it probably will for you too.

I had to re-install my macbook over the weekend because I upgraded the hard drive.  (I pulled a 250 from a recent costco purchase, so thanks to Western Digital, I’m now fast, fat and happy!) So… to gain the added experience of restoring a macbook from files of a crashed drive, I swapped out the drives (after making a backup of course) rather than run time machine (which is hella cool btw) and did it with straight data from the old drive.

So anyways, the method that I used and hoops I jumped through to get my Treo Sync’d with iCal and Address Book:

1. Install Palm Desktop 4.2.1 Rev D

2. Sync the Treo using USB cable (not sure if this step is needed or not, but I assumed the conduit connections need to be created first – and I didn’t mind making a backup to the palm desktop software)

3. Open iSync – select “Devices -> Enable Palm OS Syncing…” This should disable the conventional palm conduit and get you ready to sync in iSync

4.  From Palm Desktop, Select “HotSync -> Conduit Settings” – notice that iSync Conduit says “see Conduit Settings” – click it and then click the “conduit settings” button.

5. “Enable iSync for this Palm device” MUST have a check – do this, click “ok”

6. Re-open iSync if you closed it – you should now have your treo in the list.  Click the “Sync Devices” button and perform a hotsync from your palm – voila!

I realize this method isn’t all inclusive, and may work with other devices.  Like I said, it worked for me, maybe it can help you too!